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Remember That.

We come alongside
to tailor development for future leaders.


When every door is an exit you cannot afford to ignore your high-potential talent.

In this age of individual preferences and endless customization, “one-size-fits all” does not make sense – not when developing and harnessing high-potential talent.


Impactfully is entirely focused on creating and tailoring programs for your

high-potential employees.

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I have 30+ years of international business experience with large multi-billion-dollar corporations.


My P&L, C-Suite leadership roles combined with a deep passion for mentoring the future leaders of business is what I bring to all engagements I am fortunate enough to be entrusted with.

Alan Dick

Live Impactfully…treat it like a verb.



Our approach is non-traditional. We replace

outdated, predictable, academic, impersonal, and boring approaches – and instead, we create unique, personalized, and authentic experiences for

high-potential employees.


The business world is competitive 


Retaining and developing high-potential employees is more important than ever.

We do not offer what everyone else does…it does not work

Other programmes have one playbook for all employees. At Impactfully we understand every one is different and has a different skill set.


We identify them – and focus on making an impact and turn their knowledge into wisdom. 

Each cohort consists of 10-25 high potential employees, as designated by their organizations, who will together walk through a 6-12-month facilitated program.


This is a journey that combines the camaraderie of a group of your peers, with a heavy dose of 1:1 time with a seasoned business leader who has walked the path of a high-potential…then learned to develop them.


How It Works
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We will journey through 5-10 Modules which encompass the Impactfully 17 Leadership Traits.


If you want to be a great leader you need to possess these capabilities!


You should expect candor and direct feedback – always. Be prepared to discuss the good, the bad, and the pitfalls of senior leadership.


Spoiler alert: there are a bunch…trust me!



Executive and Character Presence

12 One on One Coaching Sessions

5 -10 Group Session Modules

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Operational Efficiency

Leadership Responsibilities

Organization Team Growth

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I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Alan in leading large global companies for most of the last 17 years. During this period, it has been so impressive to experience Alan’s flexibility and adaptability to take on a wide variety of complex business and functional senior leadership responsibilities in both the manufacturing and professional services industries. What makes Alan a successful executive is his unique combination of strong business acumen and inspirational people leadership skills. As a business leader he possesses outstanding strategic and financial capabilities. However, what distinguishes Alan’s leadership capabilities is his amazing ability to engage, connect, mentor and develop people. Alan does this with authenticity, inclusivity and a genuine interest in helping people grow and flourish.

Steve Demetriou, Jacobs, Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Lets make an impact

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