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Alan Dick

Founder & CEO

Having walked the path of a high-potential employee, I was fortunate to have had excellent mentors at each stage of my career.

My experience is not “standard”, which allows me to look through the lens of both the high-potential employee and the companies that must develop them if they are to be successful.

To “develop” means to walk alongside employees providing focused, devoted attention to their professional journey and joining their “grandstand” of supporters. Developing next-generation leaders has always been my number one passion.

Taking the lessons learned and wisdom gained throughout my career, I create customizable development programs to help companies and leaders make a true impact.

I try to approach everything I do with generosity, humility, authenticity, and openness. I will just as readily share my successes as my failures – there is value and power in learning from both.

Just as Impactfully is my dream – I help future leaders realize their own dreams and aspirations. My mission is to live life impactfully and help others do the same.

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